Last day in Paris…

Well, here we are…tired but exhilarated, closing out this phenomenal trip! We have seen & done just about everything on our “bucket list”.

Today…the Louvre & shopping at Bon Marche! Surprisingly, we’ve done very little shopping on this trip ( I guess we’ll just have to come back!).

The Louvre is beyond words ….we’re sharing some of our favorite highlights. First…a series of self-portraits by Rembrandt. I’m pretty sure he discovered the “selfie”!!!! You can not visit the Louvre without seeing the Queen of smiles…Mona Lisa ! We were able to stroll through the entire museum virtually unhindered…then you get to the hall where Mona resides! It’s incredible to me that people only go there to see this one little painting !

After our afternoon of culture, we headed to Bon Marche, one of the premier shopping spots in Paris …hard to believe , but neither of us bought anything!!!! The fashions in Paris are incredible, but we kept wondering how it would all translate in Pittsburgh!!!

The cherry on the “Sunday” was dinner!!! Ever since I saw the movie “Sonething’s Gotta Give”, with Diane Keaton & Jack Nicholson, I have wanted to eat at Le Grand Colbert ( the restaurant where Jack shows up as Keanu Reeves is about to propose to Diane ). It was everything I hoped for & more…the ambience, the food , the staff!

If American Airlines doesn’t screw up our return flight , we fly home tomorrow . This trip was a dream come true….isn’t there a song about “once you’ve seen Paris”?

3 thoughts on “Last day in Paris…

  1. Le Grand Colbert: did you order the roast chicken?! Wondrous adventure! Safe travels tomorrow XO


  2. Great photography, Sue! Thanks for sharing your Paris adventures! 💜


  3. I am so impressed with how much you accomplished during your Paris trip. It has made me very nostalgic and it was fun to see Paris through your eyes.

    Safe return



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