Down time? We don’t need no stinkin’ down time!!!

I am so glad I’m writing this blog…we have been going full-steam since we hit this city & one day blends into the next!

I think today is/was Saturday…don’t hate me if I’m wrong!

After our daily breakfast basket was delivered , we were picked-up by the incomparable Dr. Kelly Spearman for a taxi ride to Chateau Malmaison ( literally translates to ” Bad House”), the country estate that was the favorite home of Josephine Bonaparte…she allowed Napoleon to stay there, but it was never his go-to house. ( I guess when you’ve got Versailles, only 4km away , it’s hard to go slumming!). Kelly is an incredible guide ….her knowledge of art & history brings the past alive. I am starting to think that I may be related to Josephine…she loved tearing down walls & remodeling!

We got back to the city & decided to explore Ile St. Louis – a beautiful little island in the middle of the Seine. After a bit of lunch & shopping, it was time to freshen up for our champagne/sunset/lights of Paris/river cruise! It’s so amazing to see Paris from the river! Aside from the cruise guide having a bad microphone & deciding to play Aretha Franklin songs, it was a lovely evening! The lights along the river & across all the bridges started to come on and it was truly magical . One of the coolest sites on the river is a replica of the Statue if Liberty…it was placed so that it faces the one in the New York Harbor.

We ate dinner at a lively little bistro along the river…then congratulated ourselves on finding our way back to the hotel without the GPS!!! ( this is a very confusing city!) Now we’re making plans for tomorrow …sadly, our last day in Paris! ( unless American Airlines screws with our flight plans!)

1 thought on “Down time? We don’t need no stinkin’ down time!!!

  1. That last pic could be a painting! Gorgeous!


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