A Day of light & shadows…

What a day!!!! Betsy & I are both concerned that our ankles have permanently disappeared….we walked almost 8 miles today!!! So, we started at “Atelier des Lumieres”, for an immersive exhibit of the works if Gustav Klimt & Hundertwasser. The pictures I’m posting don’t do this justice! Essentially, it’s in a big warehouse type structure & the art is projected over , around & under you…it is phenomenal!!!! If you ever get the chance to experience this…run don’t walk to get tickets… one of the coolest things in the world !

And what better way to top off all that energy & color than a stroll through the Pere La Chaise cemetery!!!! A number of years ago -1995-a very dear friend of mine passed away. One of his wishes was to have some of his ashes taken to Pere La Chaise, in the city that he loved ( only 2nd to NYC). I’ve wanted to go there ever since! My friend , Michael , was the person who introduced me to Origami…I took a few folded butterflies, to place somewhere in the cemetery. Along the way, we saw the tombs of Rossini, Chopin, Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf & Oscar Wilde!

Then, it was off to Montmarte, to meet our guide, Dr Kelly Spearman, for a private tour of the secret gardens and studios of this famous artists’ enclave. Kelly teaches art history & her knowledge of the history of Montmarte is incredible. She made the history truly come to life.

After a wonderful dinner ( loved our waiter….funny guy!), at Part de Anges, we headed back to our neighborhood for one last glass of wine at the cafe next door!!!

2 thoughts on “A Day of light & shadows…

  1. Sue, Thank you so much for sharing your great pics and fantastic adventure. I feel like I stole a ride along hiding in your suit case! Your trip is wonderful and I am so happy that you are having a great time! Barb (cuz)


  2. Oooooh! Klimt!!! Jealous of that immersion experience. How beautiful! 💛💛💛


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