Footsteps of Monet & Van Gogh!!!

After an early breakfast ( check out the picture of the basket left outside our door every morning!), we were picked up by Fabrice, our guide & driver for our tour of Monet’s Gardens and Auvers sur Oise, the final home of Van Gogh!! WOW!!! What an inspiring day…Monet’s Gardens & home in Giverney is indescribable…it is no wonder his paintings are so amazing . Lunch along the Oise at an old Mill turned restaurant Moulin de Fourges, and then off to Auvers. Van Gogh was such a genius painter …his mental illness and his final days in a small room above the Ravoux Inn, furiously painting 81 canvases in 70 days, make his story even more compelling. The garret was stripped bare after his apparent suicide and never rented out again .

2 thoughts on “Footsteps of Monet & Van Gogh!!!

  1. Tres bon!!! What a wondrous, soul-sparkling adventure you’re on! So glad for you both despite the false start in Philly…


  2. Cannot wait to show Jake these pics tonight at Stevie’s early b’day party!
    The beauty is amazing, what great inspiration for an artist, inspiration for anyone actually! Love that two dear people I know are getting to do this!


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