Paris…yes, finally Paris!!!ho

We’ll, after what seemed like a trains, boats & automobiles situation, we finally made it to Paris!!! Checked into our charming little boutique hotel ( Madison Zen) & then hit the streets!!! First stop was Gare de Lyon, one of the major train stations in Paris, where we had a light lunch & then boarded the metro for the Arc de Triomphe!!! What a magnificent structure…we were told that the view of Paris, from the top , is not to be missed…yep, it was closed !!! We strolled down the Champs de Elysee, then took an UBER to the structure of all structures… The Eiffel Tower!!! It is beyond words! The sheer enormity takes your breath away. We rode all the way to the top, toasted with champagne & got to see a magnificent sunset ! We found a lovely little bistro right around the corner from Eiffel, Cafe Gustav…wine, dinner & we are ready to hopefully get some sleep !!!

2 thoughts on “Paris…yes, finally Paris!!!ho

  1. I’m so glad you’re safely in Paris!!
    Jealous of all the beauty you’ll be seeing on your trip!
    Have a marvelous time!!


  2. So happy you are finally there in the City of Light! If you wander to Ille St Louis to visit Notre Dame, our favorite dinner restaurant is the L’Ilot Vache, 35 Rue Saint Louis. Open 7-11 pm. Reservations preferred but usually walk-in seating is available between 7 & 8 or 10-11. One year we rented an apartment just across the street and Ed was delirious to find the wonderful Berthillon Glacier (ice cream shop) right on the corner. If I remember correctly, that opens at 10 AM. Am assuming you’ll be taking the Seine River cruise, visiting the Louvre, etc. Don’t miss the Rodin Museum, the fabulous Quai Branly Museum (art from Oceana, Africa, the Americas…opened about 10 years ago… on the Seine near the Eiffel Tower) and the Tuileries. Much love and SOoooo wishing I were there with you two scallywags 💕🥂🗼🍧


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