It begins…


The flights are booked. The hotel is booked ( Maison Zen – 35 Rue de Lyon)! We scheduled the tours, the cooking class, the restaurants, the private tour guide.  Much anxiety over what to pack…what will the weather be? One of us is accustomed to traveling with a carry-on/back-pack, one of us is more accustomed to “steamer trunks”! After trying on , at least, 300 pairs of shoes/boots at Little’s Shoes in Squirrel Hill, we finally have comfy ( we hope) walking shoes.

Our plan is to drive to Philadelphia on Sunday morning (Oct. 7), for our flight out to Paris at 9:00 Sunday evening.  Since there are no direct flights out of Pittsburgh, we figured that we would eat up at least 5 hours of travel time getting to Pittsburgh Airport, flying to Philadelphia, waiting around in the airport, etc.

The countdown begins!!!!


3 thoughts on “It begins…

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing Paris through your eyes!!
    Bon chance! Allez vous!!


  2. Got it Susan-so glad I will be able to participate!


  3. I am too! I’m sure your blog will be colorful and entertaining!😍


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